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Array 1.1 Pre-amp

Array 1.1 is a unique design utilizing dual 2A3 tubes as rectifiers and dual mono transfonners for the left and right channels. This systems delivers stricking clarity and detail that presents instrumental timbres and textures with extreme realism. Top off with its enormous soundstage and vivid imaging capability. Array 1.1 allows listeners to enjoy any musical reproduction at its fullest. Array 1.1 provides a seamless pre-amp stage for Array 2.1.


Description : Amplifier
Description name : Array 1.1 Pre-amp
Normal Power Handling :
Sensitivity : 1V
Impedance :
distortion : ≤0.5%
Frequency response : 5Hz-100kHz x dB
Signal-to-Noise: 90dB
earphone impedance
Net Weight : 22 Kg
Gross Weight : 25 Kg
Dimensions : 440(W) x 200(H) x 370(D)
Packing Dimensions : 560(W) x 380(H) x 480(D)

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