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SOCRATES floorstand speaker review by WATT Magazine Sweden Oct 2012
音响技術 AudioTechnique (Hong Kong) Issue No. 359 Aug 2011
SF Club | Forum - Final Destination - 300B/805 SET amp/Oracle Delphi
Sweden瑞典 HiFi Fourm Jan 2009 Review Orsa
Norway review April 2011
Guangzhou Show OCT 2009
Review of BRAVO 2.3 by 6moons.com in january 2008
Bravo 2.3 is honored to have received “Reviewers?Choice Award?from Sound Stage Magazine APR 2008
Oscar review by enjoy the music.com
USA Stereo Times, JAS Audio Green Power GP-120 Int. amp., CD-1 player Oct 2011
JAS products in Audio Review Forums - USA:
Review of Orsa by Stereotimes.com in January 2008
Shantou Hi End Show in China, Dec 2007
JAS Audio added three new stereo integrated amplifiers to their line up that consist of Jas Bravo
showcasing the JAS-AUDIO Bravo 2.3 6C33 remote-controlled SET integrated
Musik 1.2 CD Player Review in Italy - 2006
Array 2.1 - review by 6moon.com (May 2006)
HE 2006 show in Los Angeles
2006 Guangzhou Hi-end Audio Visual Show
Orsa (JAS Audio) - Review by HI FI CHOICE (a famous UK HiFi Magazine)
Orsa - Review by a famous UK HiFi magazine, HiFi+ December 2005.
Shall we proudly announce that one of our bookshelf speakers, "ORSA",
JAS acquired the / shows / ces2006
Orsa Review by Soundstage - Dec., 2005
Guangzhou AV Fair 2005 in China
T.H.E. Show 2006 in Las Vegas
JAS speakers - Sound Stage in Canada Montreal Show 2005:
Array 2.1 Tube amplifier from Audio Review USA:
Audio Review from USA - HE 2005 Gallery:
6 Moons.com review in USA:
Review from Positive Feedback Issue 19:
JAS products - Stereophile, New York Show HE 2005:
Introduction from hifi21.com in China for Montreal Show 2005:
JAS Orsa speaker reported by HiFi+ (UK famous Hi Fi Magazine, Issue 39)
Orsus speaker review by Positive Feedback in USA July 2005:
Orsa speaker review by Positive Feedback in USA July 2005:
Guangzhou Hi Fi Show 2005
Orior - Reviewed by Positive Feed Back 2006
Review for JAS audio LP cleaner RW-800 Nov 2015

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